"We Build'em Better" has been the motto and focus of "Arne's" for 63 years. As an intrinsic part of our culture we will continue to provide you with innovative state of the art solutions to your transportation needs.
The focus of Arne's has always been superior quality and hence our trailers enjoy a virtually trouble free, low maintenance cost, long life as well as the highest resale value in the market. These factors have led to strong brand preference and loyalty by the end users of our product.
We support our product with ready access to parts through our internal parts department. Warranty, repairs and service are supported by a Canada-wide chain of service and repair facilities. Our focus is to ensure that all departments of Arne’s support you in all your trailer needs.

The company has adopted a philosophy of continuous improvement, focusing on driving waste out of all our business processes to create a trailer of superior quality, priced right for the market. As a proud member of the Manitoba Consortium for Sustainable Improvement, Arne's shares and leverages best practices to ensure that we are on the cutting edge of process improvement and quality. We have adopted lean philosophy for our continuous improvement and have a fulltime champion on staff to execute the initiatives. This focus has allowed us to develop a strong business model and ensure that our customers are getting exceptional value for each and every dollar.
Parts Hours
8:00am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday