End Dumps
Built stronger for longer, better performance, ARNE'S trailers have earned the reputation for low maintenance, minimal downtime and excellent resale value.
All ARNE'S Conventional End Dump Trailers share these important features:
  • Available in Tandem and Triaxle models.
  • Main frame constructed using 100,000 psi tensile flange material.
  • Flared I beam cross member flanges and stiffener ribs formed into the webs are key to our strong frame.
  • Formed 8" channels are used between the suspension hangers for even greater frame rigidity.
  • Box width of 8.5' designed with wide hat channels & formed "Z's" to support the floor full length, minimizing floor sag.
  • Sturdy full width floor cross members help eliminate box flex in the hoisted position.
  • Floor is made of 3/16" abrasion resistant material with rounded corners that extend 9" up the sides to provide maximum durability without excess weight.
  • Our dropped frame with the hinge pin location results in a lower center of gravity for improved stability when dumping.
  • Box sides are built with 10 gauge steel on the lower half and 12 gauge steel with a full length horizontal rib on the upper half.
  • Our one piece upper and lower side sheets eliminate the need for vertical seams.
  • Superior box design with a pre-cambered top rail to reduce side bowing.
  • All Arne's trailers are finished with ENDURA paint products and carry a 5 year warranty.
  • Arne's Conventional End Dumps carry a 5 year warranty on the Main Frame Rails and a 3 year warranty on the Box.