Side Dumps
Built stronger for longer, better performance, ARNE'S trailers have earned the reputation for low maintenance, minimal downtime and excellent resale value.
All ARNE'S Side Dump trailers share these important features:
  • Available in
    • Driver side or Curb side dump.
    • "V" style box or a Tub style box.
  • Main frame constructed using 100,000 psi tensile flange material.
  • Flared I beam cross member flanges and stiffener ribs formed into the webs are key to our strong frame.
  • Formed 8" channels are used between the suspension hangers for even greater frame rigidity.
  • Cylinder location provides protection to hydraulic components and improves dumping.
  • Our "V" Box design incorporates
    • A horizontal rib which results in virtually seamless side walls.
    • 3/16" floor and 10 gauge walls using 50,000 psi tensile material.
  • Our Tub style Box design incorporates:
    • Integrated floor and side wall sections fabricated using 4.0 mm Hardox 450.
  • Both box styles ensure no load hang ups and result in clean dumping.
  • Center mesh design provides:
    • Safety for operator during connection of all rear unit lines.
    • Safe and easy access to the ladder steps mounted on the rear of the box while checking load.
    • Protection of critical components located inside frame rails.
    • Quick and easy visibility of all critical components inside frame rails.
  • Our Super B Lead Unit utilizes Holland 5th Wheel products.
  • All Arne's trailers are finished with ENDURA paint products and carry a 5 year warranty.
  • Arne's Side Dumps carry a 5 year warranty on the Main Frame Rails and a 3 year warranty on the Box.